CPN Board

On May 2021, CPN General Assembly elected the new Board of CPN, which has the following composition:

  1. Knarik Garanfilyan – Family and Community NGO, President (CPN Board chairperson)

  2. Naira Kerobyan – “Shogh” Day Care Center, Coordinator

  3. Anahit Melkumyan – “SOS Children’s Villages”, Advocacy officer

  4. Mira Antonyan – FAR Children’s Support Center Foundation, Executive Director

  5. Aida Muradyan – World Vision Armenia, Child Protection Program Manager

  6. Alvard Sargsyan – “Nane” Charitable Union NGO, President

  7. Lusine Simonyan – Child Development Foundation, Director

  8. Eline Santrosyan – “Social Justice” NGO, Member

  9. Nune Geghamyan – Nagashyan Children’s Centre, Program Manager

  10. Hasmik Sargsyan – Armenian Caritas, Child Protection Program Officer

  11. Suren Maghakyan – “Full Life” NGO, President