Our members

“Civil Society Institute” NGO

“Project Harmony” NGO

“Tatevik” NGO

“Return and protection” social – legal NGO

“World Vision International” Armenian Branch of the International Charitable Organization BR

Social-psychological and statistical center NGO

”Social Justice” NGO

“SOS Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity foundation

“Let’s Create Smile” NGO

“Armenian Association of Social Workers” NGO

Nagashyan Child Support Centre

Women’s Resource Center NGO of Meghri

Child Development Foundation

FAR’s Children’s Support Centre Foundation

Human Dignity and Peace Fund

Armenian Democratic Forum

“Armenian Caritas” NGO

“Center for Community Mobilization and Support” Community-Based NGO

“Community Development and Social Support” NGO

Children of Armenia Fund

Women’s Resource Center NGO

Women’s Resource Center NGO of Kapan

“Khariskh” NGO

“Charisma” NGO

“Luysi ashxarh” NGO

“Foundation Against the Violation of Law” NGO

“Family and Community” NGO

“Emmanuel” For Children with Special Needs NGO

“Zangakatun” NGO

“Union of School-Centres”

“Armine” NGO

“Aravot” NGO

“Astghatsolk” NGO

“Areguni” NGO

Arevamanuk Family and Child Care Fund

Children’s Support Centre of Abovyan