Job opportunity- Fundraising Consultant



In the last 20 years, governments in our region strived to reform their child welfare and protection systems, but reforms remain incomplete and children remain the most vulnerable members of our society. To address this situation, in every country child-focused NGOs have come together in child rights networks to advocate for better lives for children. Civil society networks are crucial for improving children’s lives, but they lack adequate funding, which leads to gaps in efficiency. Philanthropic movements are embryonic in the ChildPact countries, but people who want to help do exist. The fundraising consultant will help us identify them and create opportunities for harnessing their ideas, resources and enthusiasm to the aim of improving children’s lives.

The duties and responsibilities of the fundraising consultant will include the following:
1. Lead the implementation of ACPN’s marketing strategy, with the aim of securing minimum two business partnership. Key performance indicators: a. identify at least five companies that could support ACPN’s work in the future; b. conduct meetings with companies and work to secure at least two medium-term (1 year) partnership with two companies, formalized through an MoU; c. develop and lead the strategy for the respective partnership, together with the ACPN.

2. Create fundraising materials within an existing budget together with the national coalition.

To apply for this consultancy, please send the CV and Letter of intent before September 2, 2016.

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