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    Ms. Aida Mouradyan, president of the Child Protection Network of Armenia presented the interests of children participated in mass protests again corruption in the Government. Dozens of children were detained during the protests and their rights were violated. Experts presented the rights of children for expression and participation in peaceful assemblies. Juvenile detentions: Are the Police actions extent lawful?


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    The RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues have initiated a discussion of the Draft Law on Child Right Protection with its key stakeholders: Child protection department of the Ombudsman, Child Protection Network, UNICEF, World Vision and Save the Children.  The Discussion wad tailored on recommendations presented by the key stakeholders. It was agreed to revise the […]


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    Assessment results on “Access to services for three models of alternative family care for children” made within the framework of the project “Supporting the improvement of provision of social services to the three models of alternative family care in Armenia” held in 10 regions of RA and Yerevan. The project is implemented in cooperation with […]


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    ChildPact Child Protection regional coalition’s general assemble held on April 25-26, 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. The Annual report of ChildPact was presented during the meeting by focusing both on implemented and foreseen projects. During the elections of the new board of the ChildPact, the CPN of Armenia was elected with a duration of two years. As a […]


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    On 17 November, 2016 Armenian Child Protection Network organized the presentation of the child protection index. The Child Protection Index is designed to encourage regional cooperation, stimulate more robust implementation of the UNCRC, and serve as a policy analysis tool for civil society, governments and donors. The Index consists of 626 indicators that together measure […]


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      On July 21, 2016 Child Protection Network convened annual General Assembly with the support of “SOS-Children’s villages” member organization of the Network. During the General Assembly President of Child Protection Network Mira Antonyan presented 2014-2016 report of the organization, the conducted activities, achievements and future vision. Project Manager of “United Voices for Children” Tatevik […]


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      In the last 20 years, governments in our region strived to reform their child welfare and protection systems, but reforms remain incomplete and children remain the most vulnerable members of our society. To address this situation, in every country child-focused NGOs have come together in child rights networks to advocate for better lives for […]


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    Child Protection Network, having an aim to improve the capacities of its member organizations, periodically organizes trainings for the member organizations. On 28 April 2016, with the cooperation of FAR’s Children’s Support Center, Child Protection Network organized a training about social work. The trainers were President of FAR’s Children’s Support Center, social workers Yelena Harutyunyan […]


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    On November 19, in commemoration of the World day for Prevention of Child Abuse, Child Protection Network (CPN) participated in the press conference organized at Media Center. CPN was represented by the President of the CPN Board and FAR Children’s Support Center, Mira Antonyan, Member of CPN Board, and President of “Family and Community” NGO, […]


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    On November 19, in commemoration of the World day for Prevention of Child Abuse, Child Protection Network (CPN) organized an “Environment without abuse for children” exhibition. The opening of the exhibition took place in the open-air in front of the Yerevan State University. Pictures made by beneficiary-children of a number of member organizations of CPN […]