About us

Child Protection Network

The Armenian Child Protection Network (CPN) is a national coalition of Armenian child-centered NGOs.

CPN started its operation informally in 2005 with a purpose of contributing to improvement of the quality of services provided to children and families in difficult situations, and to promote new mechanisms of regulation of the child protection system influencing reforms.

In 2012 CPN was registered as a “Child Protection Network”, a union of non-profit legal entities. Today it is comprised of 39 member organizations and continues to expand involving new members. Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the Network are more than 62.000 children and 12.000 families.

Since 2012 CPN has been a member of ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection, which is a network of networks that brings together 600 child-focused NGOs from 10 different countries.

CPN strategic directions include;

  1. Advocacy and lobbying for the improvement of laws, procedures and practice in the field of child protection
  2. Awareness campaign (public/professional) on child rights
  3. Concentration/consolidation of local and international organizations’ potential dealing with child protection issues

 In order to achieve its mission, CPN considering the priorities of the strategy, organizes its operation through thematic working groups.


Bringing together organizations and supporters, the Child Protection Network aims to promote a society in which every child’s best interests are protected.


To contribute to the wellbeing of children through advocacy and participation in the development, clarification of the child protection policy, as well as its implementation and monitoring.