CPN General Assembly, 2021

This year the annual General Assembly of the Child Protection Network (hereinafter CPN) took place on May 17. The meeting started with a brief report by Aida Muradyan, the former CPN Board chairperson. She presented the programs implemented by the CPN, as well as the difficulties in the programs caused by Covid-19 related restrictions. She talked about the international cooperation, in particular, the visit of the representatives of the CPN to other countries, which was especially appreciated in terms of presenting the CPN in the international arena, sharing / learning the best practices. The outcomes of those programs were also presented. Eline Santrosyan briefly talked about the report of “Inclusion of children with special educational needs in pre-school educational institutions” research, which you can get acquainted with here.

Then, Gayane Vardanyan, the executive director of the CPN , presented the draft new strategic plan for 2021-2023 She emphasized that the CPN will not deal with individual cases, it will focus its resources on policy advocacy, based on the information received also from individual cases.

Thus, the following strategic directions have been included in the strategic plan:

  • Institutional development of CPN, as well as ensuring its smooth operation.

  • Ensuring the engagement and effective cooperation of the member organizations in CPN activities.

  • Advocacy, public awareness, ensuring the voice of children is heard.

Then, Elen Harutyunyan, the representative of CPN staff presented the new membership procedure. The documents must be approved by the Board, but as the participatory decision making must become a culture in CPN, it was decided to discuss the document with main stakeholder before its approval.  Elen Harutyunyan noted that the procedure was based on sections of CPN Charter on membership, as well as new sections were added which were a practice in CPN, but never stated in any document. Elen Harutyunyan presented the procedure for involving new members, considering crucial to use all possible child protection platforms to present CPN. The membership order will be published on our website after the Board approves it.

According  to the CPN Charter, the Board can have up to 11 members, but at the moment CPN had 8 Board members, as one of the organizations left the Network. It was suggested to elect three more members to have 11 Board members in total. Thus, at the end of the discussion, the General Assembly elected the new Board of CPN, which has the following composition:

  1. Knarik Garanfilyan – Family and Community NGO, President (CPN Board chairperson)

  2. Naira Kerobyan – “Shogh” Day Care Center, Coordinator

  3. Anahit Melkumyan – “SOS Children’s Villages”, Advocacy officer

  4. Mira Antonyan – FAR Children’s Support Center Foundation, Executive Director

  5. Aida Muradyan – World Vision Armenia, Child Protection Program Manager

  6. Alvard Sargsyan – “Nane” Charitable Union NGO, President

  7. Lusine Simonyan – Child Development Foundation, Director

  8. Eline Santrosyan – “Social Justice” NGO, Member

  9. Nune Geghamyan – Nagashyan Children’s Centre, Program Manager

  10. Hasmik Sargsyan – Armenian Caritas, Child Protection Program Officer

  11. Suren Maghakyan – “Full Life” NGO, President