Who can become CPN member

Who can become a member of the Child Protection Network (CPN)?

 Non-profit organizations centered on children’s rights of the Republic of Armenia, and abroad, who accept the Charter of the Child Protection Network (CPN) and pay membership fee can be CPN member.

  1. Admission of the members is done based on the decision of the CPN Board approved by the General Assembly.
  2. The organization that is willing to become a CPN member shall;

a/submit an application with the CPN board,

b/know the Charter of the CPN,

c/submit information on the main activities of the applicant and their indicators.

  1. Board President of the CPN looks through the documents submitted by the application and presents a conclusion to the Board. Based on this conclusion, the Board makes a decision on admission of the new member which is approved by the General Assembly.
  2. Every member of the CPN is eligible to one vote.
  3. CPN members preserve their autonomy and rights of the legal entity. CPN does not carry out profit purposes. Neither member of the CPN can vest any obligation on the other party, as well as cannot be a party to any contractual relations with third parties on behalf of the other organization.

Membership fee

  1. Annual membership fee of the CPN is 12.000 /twelve thousand drams/ AMD. The members of the CPN are obliged to pay the annual fee until January 31 including. The payment of the membership fee is done by financial means /Armenian drams/.
  2. Except for the payment of the membership fee CPN members can also donate the CPN monetary and other property means.


Termination of the membership

  1. A member shall lose its member status in case of not fulfilling at all or not appropriately fulfilling the obligations envisaged by the Charter, in case of hindering the activities of the CPN based on the decision of the General Assembly.
  2. The membership can be terminated based on the following reasons;

a/ application of the CPN member,

b/ violation of the CPN Charter provisions,

c/ not payment of membership fee.

  1. Decision on the termination of the membership is taken by the CPN Board taking into consideration the conclusion of the Board President, and finally approved by the General Assembly. In case of an application of the member to terminate its membership, CPN’s agreement is not required.