The personal data protection is one of the most important rights of the child


“Child Protection Network” Union of NGO organized a discussion on “Protection of children’s personal data” on 15th of March, 2017.” The main goal was to introduce and raise the public awareness regarding the children personal data protection issues.

President of “Child Protection Network” NGO’s Union Arshak Gasparyan, Head of the Personal Data Protection Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia Gevorg Hayrapetyan and information security expert Samvel Martirosyan attended the discussion.

During the meeting experts discussed the publicity of children’s personal data in educational institutions and in the media, its impact on the children’s quality of life, issues and topics relating to the children’s security in the Internet.

The “Personal Data Protection Agency” developed a Guide where the principles of work with children’s personal data are enshrined, taking into account the international experience, the Constitution of Armenia, the attitudes of the European Court of Human Rights regarding disclosure of children’s personal data and other legal acts.


“Children’s personal data protection in Armenia is one of the most important and acute problems”,- said Head of the Personal Data Protection Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia Gevorg Hayrapetyan during the briefing with the journalists.


President of “Child Protection Network” NGO’s Union Arshak Gasparyan mentioned: “In case of any publication of child’s personal information in the media, the journalist must be careful not to harm the child. Children are most vulnerable because of the formation of their physical and mental development; they cannot fully realize the importance of protection of their personal data. The protection of personal data is becoming increasingly more difficult, and before publishing any information in any platforms, adults and children should realize that it will stay there forever.”

Arshak Gasparyane added that much work must be done with parents, because first of all they should be informed how to protect child’s personal data.


Another participant of discussion Samvel Martirosyan, information security expert, also highlighted the importance of work with the parents. According to him, the education system has a great role here. “In schools there is no IT system security training. Often the subject of “Informatics” teaches things that are never used. Schools should teach what they will need during the life. ”

According to Samvel Martirosyan, an option to increase the security level in the IT industry is to invest in public awareness programs.

To find a solution we should organize public awareness campaign targeting primary caregivers and develop a code of ethics for mass media where more severe violations will be mentioned.

“Child Protection Network” will continue discussions on such important issues.